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As a reminder about access levels to #HEWeb20 materials:

  • Live-Only Access (aka “The Free Ticket”): Get access to all conference sessions on Oct. 19-20, in real-time. Does not include any access to recordings or materials, post-event.
  • Live + Post-Event On-Demand Access (aka “The Members’/Paid Ticket”): Includes access to all conference sessions on Oct. 19-20, in real time, as well as access to all session recordings and materials, post-event. Also includes one year of membership in the Higher Education Web Professionals Association.

Code of Conduct

The HighEdWeb community is awesome. And we want it to keep on being awesome for everyone. As we look forward to a great conference, we want to remind everyone of what we know you already know: HighEdWeb is dedicated to working toward a harassment-free community and conference experience for everyone. Read our full Code of Conduct policy.


Zoom Backgrounds

Planning to be on-cam? Make it a HighEdWeb-immersive display with our downloadable Zoom backgrounds.

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Facebook Frames

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“Out of Office” Door Signs

Let your friends and colleagues know that, though you may SEEM like you’re in the office, you’ve really “Gone Conferencin’!” Download a printable door sign now.

Email and Voicemail “Away Messages”

Use our email and voicemail messages to let people know that you are not available during the conference. We have some “fun” and standard options for you to choose from.

Voicemail – standard
You’ve reached (name) at (institution). I am currently attending the annual HighEdWeb conference from Oct 19 and 20, and will respond to your message as soon as I’m available. 

Voicemail – casual
You’ve reached (name) at (institution). I am attending the annual HighEdWeb conference on Oct 19 and 20 and I will be virtually and really unavailable. You can leave a message at the sound of the beep or send me a message by email and I will respond when I am available again. 

Email Out of Office – standard
Out of Office: Oct 19 and 20
I will be attending the HighEdWeb 2020 annual conference from October 19 to 20 and I will respond to your email as soon as I can. Thank you in advance for your patience.

Email Out of Office – casual
Out of Office: Oct 19 and 20
My body is in the office, but my brain is attending HighEdWeb 2020 Online! My response time may be delayed during the days of October 19 and 20, but I will respond to your message as soon as I can. Thanks for your patience!

Connect with Us

Official Conference Communication

  • Check the In-Conference Event Chat for announcements on Oct 19-20.
  • During #HEWeb20, get answers to your questions at the Conference information Booth in the virtual Expo Hall.
  • Follow us on Twitter at @HighEdWeb and use the conference hashtag #HEWeb20 to follow discussions, add to the conversation and make new friends.
  • Add the Slack channel #heweb20-attendees. (Make sure to join the HighEdWeb Slack workspace first if you’re not already invited.)

Conference Music

For 2020, we streamed slides and music between sessions. All songs were downloaded from the Free Music Archive under Creative Commons licensing. We hope you enjoyed the music!

Additionally, 2020 brought us the #HEWeb20 Dance Party during Monday’s schedule. The following songs were released under a Creative Commons license and are available for free download and commercial use (with attribution). Help support independent music by checking out these artists!