Monday Evening Events

Monday evening events are for #HEWeb20 registered attendees only. Event sign-up is required. Each event is limited to 500 #HEWeb20 attendees, except Trivia Night, which will be capped at the first 100 attendees.

Trivia Night

Put your brain to the test and participate in an online trivia night. Form a team ahead of time or join one when you enter the Zoom room. Trivia Master: Chris D’Orso; Trivia Assistant: Janice Cheng-McConnell

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Gather with friends new and old in one of our topic-focused Zoom rooms.

  • Entertainment (TV/Movies/Books/Music/Podcasts) – Do you have a Netflix show or podcast to recommend? Want to discuss your favorite nonfiction novel? Are you missing concerts and want to tell everyone about the best concert you ever attended? Share all your entertainment thoughts here! Hosts: Melissa Van De Werfhorst, Jeff Stevens and Jacqueline Rowe
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  • Health & Fitness – Come chat with friends about all things health and fitness. Whether you want to talk about exercising, eating healthy, or making the ultimate workout playlist, this group is for you. Host: Mallory Willsea
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  • Sharing is Caring: Join this creative corner to share your latest creation or hobby, or get ideas for great new hobbies. Hosts: Donna Talarico-Beerman and Alaina Wiens
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Cocktail/Mocktail Hour

Cheers! Enjoy a cocktail/mocktail demonstration without leaving your home! Learn how to make a few custom #HEWeb20 and classic drinks and enjoy the company of friends. Hosts: Lori Packer and Aaron Rester

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In the Kitchen with #HEWeb20

Hungry, anyone? Come enjoy a cooking demonstration and learn more about preparing some delicious recipes. Hosts: Nathan Reimer, Mark H. Anbinder, and Dan Laird

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